Research Intern (UROP I-SURF)

Creating Smart Embedded Systems

University of California, Irvine

10 weeks : 2017/6 - 2017/8

Javascript, Web Programming

This project investigates Computer Vision in the context of IoTs to enable more dynamic interaction with the environment through analysis and extraction of meaningful data from images. I have taken part in JavaScript realization of OpenCV through designing and implementing sample demos, and tuning performance for the requirements in real time multimedia processing scenarios.

#embedded_systems #IoT #Computer_Vision
#openCV #Javascript #sensors

University of California, Irvine
10 weeks : 2017/6 - 2017/8
My Contributions
Javascript Programming, Web Programming
#embedded_systems #IoT
#Computer_Vision #openCV
#Javascript #sensors
At Center for Embedded Computer Systems, I investigated computer vision in the context of Internet of Things(IoTs). In IoTs systems, computer vision is a critical components, giving them ability to interact with the environment more dynamically through analysis and extraction of meaningful data from images. Nevertheless, computer vision has been limited in it, as it is mathematically complicated and computationally demanding.

This projet investigates Javascript realization of OpenCV , the most widely used computer vision library, in the context of IoT systems. Through designing and implementing multiple demos , its applicability is demonstrated. I have further tuned the performance, as it is a must for real­time multimedia processing scenarios .
Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Computer Vision, OpenCV, Javascript