Kinetic Sculpture - "Respitation"

Academic Project - "Spatial Dynamics"

1 month : 2016/6 - 2016/7

“Respiration(2016)” is a resulting artwork from acadmemic course. It is a biomorphic kinetic sculpture consisting of multiplication and modification of spatial cell inspired by ribs, lung, and lung sacs.

#spatial_dynamics #biomorphism #kinetic_sculpture #spatial_cell #laser_cutting

academic project - "Spatial Dynamics"
1 month : 2016/6 - 2016/7
#spatial_dynamics #biomorphism
#kinetic_sculpture #spatial_cell
“Respiration(2016)” is an biomorphic kinetic sculpture consisted of multiplication and modification of spatial cell. This work is extension the previous work (“Breath”, interactive media installation, 2013) inspired by the ‘breathing’ process by dimming the light installed inside bubbles, which are lung sac.
The main intention was to depict the ribs and the lung and lung sacs covered with the ribs in somewhat realistic but in slightly distorted way. The project diverged into two researches: ribs and lung sacs, and in the end two components integrated into one installation.
Laminating method was used to depict ribs, which have several number of layers similar but gradually changing. Research into the shape of the rib was first done. Concave and convex curves in the shape of the rib was very unique, and sketching copying such shape followed. Using illustration program, 20 layers of ribs were drawn, each of them as a one spatial cell unit.
Gradually changing the shape of the original rib shape, 20 layers formed the shape of the rib as a whole and the curve of the spine. In order to represent the characteristic of the bone, wooden board was laser-cut and laminated with some space in between.

Some regular and irregular shapes were used to depict lung sacs. While exploring the shape of the lung sac, it was difficult to make a sphere shape with a light material. Making a perfect sphere shape with a paper planar figure was difficult, thus ended up in diversifying the lung sac into numerous 3d shapes. Though in different shapes, all of the 3d shapes are defined as a spatial cell. Considering the possibility of the lighting, semi-opaque material was used. After laser cutting and assembling, lung sacs were glued together to form a cloud just like a lung shape.