Academic Projects
"Building Virtual World"

CMU Entertainment Technology Center

4 months : 2018/9 - 2018/12

Team of 5

Programming (Unity, C#)

“Buildg Virutual World” is an intensive academic project at Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. I developed five Unity 3D projects in 1-3 weeks to build virtual world expereinces with HTC Vive, Oculus + Leap Motion, Meta II iteratively in team.

#Virtual_Reality #Augmented_reality
#Unity #Oculus_Rift #HTC_VIVE
#Leap_Motion #Meta2

Carnegie Mellon University
Entertainment Technology Center
4 months : 2018/9 - 2018/12
team size
my contributions
Programmer (Unity, C#)
#Virtual_Reality #Augmented_reality #Unity #Oculus_Rift #HTC_VIVE #Leap_Motion #Meta2

“Buildg Virutual World” is an intensive academic project at Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University . In interdisciplinary team of 5 (programmers, 3D artists, sound designer) in each round, I worked on creating unique Extended Reality expereinces with Unity 3D projects in 1-3 weeks. Using emerging technology playforms (HTC Vive + controllers, Oculus Rift + Leap Motion, Meta II), I learned iteration, fast prototyping, communication and collaboration skills through projects.


HTC VIVE + Controllers
Oculuc Rift + Leap Motion
Meta II
Birthday Presence - BVW Round 4

Challenge : Tell a compelling interactive story

Platform : HTC VIVE + Controllers

Duration : 2 weeks


"Birhday Presence" is an interactive story that spurs the pieces of memories related to birthday of the guest. Guest's wife calls to the phone and gives instructions about things to do to prepare for the son's birthday part. While preparing for the part using Vive controllers, guest will confront past memories and has destroy and move forward.

Pigeon Panic - BVW Round 3

Challenge : Create a game that maximizes fun in under one week

Platform : Oculus Rift + Leap Motion

Duration : 1 week


"Pigeon Panic" is a unique whack-a-mole inspired interactive game. In this world, the guests' hands are two pigeons. With the peak on the pigeon hand, guests have to eat collectable items popping up on the grid. Sometimes, rat interferes and steals the food. This game requires precision and speed using hands.

Birdhouse - BVW Round 2

Challenge : Create an experience for naive guest that gives sense of freedom

Platform : Meta II

Duration : 2 weeks


"Birdhouse" is an experience to build a birdhouse with building blocks to decorate the house. This world has some magical sense to it with interactable talking bird and special effects paint can inspired by "Kidpix". I have worked on building unique interactoins with Meta II

Saving Zipper - BVW Round 1

Challenge : Create a VR experience that guest can help a character

Platform : HTC VIVE + Controllers

Duration : 2 weeks


"Saving Zipper" is an active VR experience that guest can feel the tension of height. In order to save the guest's pet "Zipper" which crossed the wooden bridge to the monster land, guest has to go across the bridge and come back to safe land. The brdige is really unstable and hung up high up in the air which gives realistic and horrifying fear of height to the guest, along with physical cardboard bridge.